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Your locally owned company has distributed electricity to the Kapiti and Horowhenua region for more than 70 years. MORE

Electra is committed to provide you with sales discounts on the power you purchase. The sales discounts reach you through the energy retailers operating on the Electra network. Our agreements with them stipulate sales discounts must be passed on to you.

A Sales Discount will be credited to the current consumer at each metered supply point (ICP) at the discount date of 31 January 2016. MORE

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Kapiti Street Light times
February 2015

Electra has experienced a problem with the plant which sends signals to switch street lights on and off in the Kapiti area.  This has meant that streetlights will sometimes not go on exactly at sunset or off exactly at sunrise, as per normal.

This situation will likely continue for the next few months until specialised replacement plant is delivered and installed.

Please note that this does not affect any other timetabled signals such as night rate.


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Electra owns and operates the electricity lines and assets in the Kapiti and Horowhenua district, and has distributed electricity to these regions for more than 70 years. The electricity network of Electra is 99.98% reliable and we aim to improve that all the time. Electra has made substantial investment in past years to improve reliability of supply and to cater for the booming growth in the region.

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