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Electra owns and operates the electricity lines and distribution assets in the Kapiti-Horowhenua region

Electra invoices these charges to Electricity Retailers, who then include these in your regular electricity bill.

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1.The "All Inclusive" option is only available to existing users who have electric hot water on either a Night (N) or Night Boost (B) meter which, if required, is able to be controlled by Electra.

2. ToU = Time of Use

3. Available 7 days including local and national public holidays

4. EV = Electric Vehicle

5. Electra will limit the eligibility to the EVToU option to Residential households with plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or Battery EV (BEV) NZTA registered as a passenger carrying vehicle at an address within our network area (validation required)

6. For those who are generating electricity on their premises and exporting some or all of this into Electra's distribution network. 

7. Sales Discount 2021 - A Sales Discount will be credited to the current consumer at each metered supply point (ICP) at the eligibility date of 31 January 2022.  

The discount issued will be $30 plus a percentage of the total fixed and variable Network (Distribution and Transmission) charges paid by the qualifying consumer at the ICP for the previous 12 months. Total amount paid will be $5.1m excl GST.

Power Factor Premium

This applies to commercial customers.  Where the power factor is less than 0.95 Electra reserves the right to impose a power factor premium.  The premium will be based on a multiplier of 2% of the monthly total Network price for every 0.01 power factor below 0.95 lagging.


Loss Factor Code: 1
Network Losses: 7.48%
Loss Factor: 1.081

Previous Years Prices:

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