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Default Distributor Agreement

During December 2020, Electra released its draft Default Distributor Agreement to Retailers for their feedback. Extensive feedback was received from Retailers throughout this consultation process, culminating in Electra publishing it's Default Distributor Agreement on Electra’s website on 15th February 2021 (DDA).

Electra now wishes to enter into this DDA with your organisation.

Please respond to this request within 10 working days of receipt of this notice;

  1. to confirm acceptance of the DDA which takes effect from 1 April 2021; or
  2. to request changes to Electra’s DDA.

Please use the following email for any correspondence relating to the DDA

Electra Limited: Default Distributor Agreement

Customer Feedback February 2021
Electra has published a word copy of its DDA.  Please note that minor changes have been made to the word version.  

  • Added pages numbers
  • Removed duplicate Defined Term on page 56